Water to Water

In our daily life, we turn on the faucet, the shower, the sprinkler.
At the twist of a hand, water comes pouring out!
The background for this everyday miracle is a complex system of water treatment and delivery.
This sculpture celebrates that technology. ⇓

Water to Water

As people approach the wall, it springs to life. Sensors along the path trigger the showerheads to sprinkle.
The wall represents all the kitchen walls and bathroom walls through which water comes into our homes. ⇓

Water to water detail

Behind the wall there is a garden. Cacti and pumps grow side by side. Cacti flourish in the desert because they have adapted to the dryness. Their “stems” are thick and store water. Their “leaves” have turned into needles, so they lose less water to the air. ⇓

Pumps Cactus

People can flourish in the desert too, if we adapt like cacti, and learn to conserve water.
These water re-cycling technologies are one way for us to adapt.

Water to Water

Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale Water Campus
8787 Hualapai Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona

In collaboration with Paul T. Edwards

Environmental Excellence Awards, 2000
Valley Forward Association and Honeywell, Phoenix