The Water Table: A life-sized chart

In collaboration with and under the auspices of: The Rillito River Project

Seven 8’ weather balloons were released one at a time. They rose and became data points in the sky showing a mirror image of the depth of the water table in Tucson at 10-yr intervals.

It dropped 155 ft. in 70 years!

Photo: Tim Fuller

The Rillito River Project
Ellen Skotheim (Creative director)
John Newman (Technical Director)
And many other people…
Bat performance and Balloon launch: Flam Chen
Narrator: Sean Dupont
Poem: Logan Phillips

Between 2008 and 2012, the Rillito River Project conducted an annual “Bat Night” celebration in the dry riverbed of the Rillito. People gathered in the evening to watch thousands of bats fly out to hunt from under a bridge where they roosted during the day.



The project celebrated the bats. But at the same time it drew the community’s attention
to the problem of the city’s dwindling water supply.