Joining Hands

An arch over the walking path of a new linear park frames the view of Spud Rock in the Rincon Mountains ahead.

The figures come from a large Hohokam clay pot that was used in ceremonies about 1000 years ago. Joining hands, they encircle the ancient vessel, an emblem of communal life.

And now they span the path of this park, which is part of a network of parks that will one day encircle the City of Tucson.

Joining hands, the City Parks Department, the Pima County Parks Department and the University of Arizona have collaborated to create the Julian Wash Greenway. ⇓






Joining Hands

Tucson, Arizona
Julian Wash Greenway
The park runs between Kolb Road and Rita Road along the Julian Wash
West entrance: 7501 S Kolb Road

The arch is just under one mile from the Kolb Road entrance to the park – along a bike and pedestrian path (cars are not allowed).

Media: Laser-cut steel. Natural rock.
Fabricated by: Caid Industries and Martin Rockworks

The park is a collaboration between:

City of Tucson Department of Parks and Recreation
Pima County Department of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation
The University of Arizona Science and Technology Park