Sand Trout

Sand Trout are a local legend. The sculptures, two mobiles on either side of the road, are a reminder of the dry river that runs beneath the urban grid. ⇓

Sand Trout


Jim Griffith, Southern Arizona Folk Arts: “…. It seems that as the rivers of southern Arizona dried out, the fish slowly adapted to the changing climate, exchanging their gills for lungs and growing their eyes out on stalks. In time they became Sand Trout, swimming around in the sands of the dry rivers, breathing air, and looking for their food over the surface of the wash. They were hard to catch…but once caught…the friction of the sand would have (them) skinned and cooked by the time (they) were landed.” ⇓

Sand Trout Close


Plaques on the bridge identify the imaginary fish as “Salmo harenatus”, sand trout. ⇓

Sand Trout Plaque


Sand Trout

Tucson, Arizona
Tanque Verde Road at Rose Hill Wash

In collaboration with Paul T. Edwards
Medium: Stainless steel plate, stainless steel rods, turntable, sand-blasted concrete columns
Trout fabricated by: Caid Industries
City of Tucson Department of Transportation.