Silver Linings

Clouds and mountains painted on aluminum panels evoke the sky and flight.

At one end of the passage, the clouds are relatively high. As people move in the direction of the gates, they rise above the clouds.
Take-off! ⇓

Silver Linings

Walking away from the gates, people descend through the clouds.
Landing! ⇓

Silver Linings photo 2

Every cloud has a silver lining.
Aluminum is used in the actual “skin” of airplanes. It reminds us of the alchemy of aviation: heavy metal becomes buoyant. ⇓

Silver Linings closing photo


Silver Linings

Tucson International Airport
Tucson, Arizona

In collaboration with Vytas Sakalas and Paul T. Edwards
Originally installed on the West Concourse. 1996
Moved to the “link” leading to car rentals. 2011
Acrylic on plasma-cut aluminum
Fabricated by Caid industries
Commissioned by Tucson International Airport