Play Ball!

People everywhere play games. The rules may be different. The materials may be different. But the spirit is the same.

In games the world over, one thing that pops up is balls:
baseballs, basketballs, bowling balls, golf balls, pelota balls, ping pong balls, soccer balls, softballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, Vietnamese Da banh, Chinese Tak kiu. A symbol of playfulness, they roll, they fly, they spin, they bounce! A symbol of unity in diversity.  ⇓


Among the flying baseballs, basketballs, volley balls, there is another ball, the planet Earth, the big ball that flies and spins and makes us spin around. ⇓


And a golf ball becomes the moon in its orbit. ⇓


The recreation center ⇓


The purple fence ⇓

Play ball.
Have a ball.
Be the ball.*

*Chevy Chase in “Caddyshack”

Play Ball

Tucson, Arizona
Kino Community Center
2805 E. Ajo Way

In collaboration with Paul T. Edwards

Medium: Laser-cut steel, paint
Fabricated by Caid Industries

City of Tucson Department of Parks and Recreation.