Many-Color Mountain

Tucson’s name comes from “Cuk Son,” base of a “dark mountain” in the language of the native people, the Tohono O’odham.
But Tucson’s mountains take on many colors with the changing light of day.

Here, two mountain ranges are caught in the brilliant orange, pink and purple tones of Arizona sunsets. A vein of copper runs through them. ⇓


Shadow and light alternate in the “canyon” between the mountains. ⇓

Shadow and Light


A little girl leaves her handprints on the wall of the “canyon.” ⇓


People who work in the nearby public library, in the shopping center across the street, and in the school down the road, all left their handprints on the walls. ⇓

Hand imprints


Many-Color Mountain

“Na:nko Ma:s Du’ag Son” in Tohono O’odham
Tucson, Arizona
NW corner, Ajo Way and Mission Road Intersection

In collaboration with Paul T. Edwards and Susan Holman
Medium: Masonry with an overlay of soil cement, copper, paint
Fabricated by: Cemrock
City of Tucson Department of Transportation.