Strata: Gateway to the Catalinas

Four monuments stand alongside Catalina Highway as it leads up toward the Santa Catalina mountains.
The mountain range has been named and renamed as different populations came to live in the Tucson valley.
Babad Do’ag – Frog Mountain (Tohono O’odham – Native American) ⇓


Canyon tree frogs in Sabino Canyon look so much like the local granite, it seems as though the rocks have suddenly sprung to life. Perhaps the native people named the mountain range “Frog Mountain” because they were struck by the same idea. ⇓


Santa Catalinas (Spanish) ⇓


Mount Lemmon (Anglo) ⇓



Sky Islands (Contemporary ecologist!) ⇓


Building with rammed earth ⇓


Strata in the Catalina Mountains ⇓


The retaining wall picks up the theme of strata. ⇓


Strata: Gateway to the Catalinas

Tucson, Arizona
Catalina Highway, (Fort Lowell Road to Prince Road)

Mixed Media: Four rammed earth monuments with aluminum frogs and letters
Fabricated by: Schmidt Builders and Caid Industries, Inc.
Pima County Departmentt of Transportation